The main features of the Math4Law web application are:

  • Calculating interest on past due child support, child support arrears, or other situations involving irregular charges and payments (e.g., garnishments, debt collections, private loans, business credit arrangements).
  • Interest calculations are stored in the cloud and are available to all account users.
  • Calculating present value of:
    • Pension Plan
    • Stream of Equal Payments
    • Stream of Increasing Payments
    • Lump Sum needed presently to fund a stream of future payments
    • Maintenance Entitlement
    • Monthly Payment available from Lump Sum
  • Calculating future value of:
    • Stream of Equal Payments over time
    • Value of Lump Sum investment over time
  • Calculating Loan Payments and Terms.
  • Printing any calculation from the browser to PDF or any installed Printer.
  • Emailing any calculation to the user’s email address or any other email address.
  • Running on all modern browsers including Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and Safari.
  • Running on a variety of devices and operating systems including Windows, Apple, and Android devices. All you need is a modern browser.
  • Text-based search for any calculation file.
  • Simple subscription model based on number of users.
  • Modest and realistically priced.


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