Our Story

The story of Math4Law is set in a quiet neighborhood in Louisville, Colorado, not far from the Rocky Mountains and the City of Boulder.

It begins with William Redak, the creator of Legal Math and other successful desktop applications for Law Offices, like the Colorado Child Support application. Bill has been developing software applications since 1988, and we have agreed to take his applications to the next level.

Enter Rami Cohen, a Software Entrepreneur, Executive, Architect, and Developer for over twenty years, who happens to also be Bill’s neighbor. Rami has been building web applications since the web became a thing, so it was only natural for Bill and Rami to unite forces and create Math4Law, a web-based version of Legal Math.

Math4Law is built using the latest and greatest web technologies. It utilizes Material Design, a modern set of design principles developed by Google. It lives in the Cloud, and is available on all modern browsers and Operating Systems, including smartphones and tablets.

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